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We have been playing a vital supplier role in the full spectrum of industries ranging from oil and gas, power plant, cement plants, shipbuilding bridge building, crane building, palm oil mill, sugar mill, steel mill, mining quarry, automotive, aviation, theme park facilities, health-care equipment, tolls making, mechanical engineering, civil construction to general engineering. Thus, we are the long term supplier of the above-mentioned industries via consistent recognition, recommendation and validated as the most preferred choice of steel supplier. Our product range includes steel plates, round bars, flat bars, stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, steel coils, pipes, hollows, angle bars, bulbflats, beams, channels, expanded metal, forgings and rails. Irregardless of the size and scope of your project - we can accommodate your every need.

Consider Beverly Steel the Premier Niche Steel Supplier in Malaysia and the ASEAN Region. With a solid track record in a variety of projects, irregardless of cost or complexity, we are ready to meet the demand of your projects! Supplying Steel Products is our Passion and the Pulse which we live by.

Latest Steel Industry News

  • Import licenses signal 35% drop in US long steel products imports in September

    Based on reported import licenses, US long steel products imports are expected to fall 35% from 333,000 short tons in August to 216,000 tons in September. This is mainly the result of lower rebar and wire rod import licenses. Rebar license volumes dropped 60% compared to August actuals due to lower licenses for Turkey, Italy, […]

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  • Worldsteel raises 2018 and 2019 steel demand forecasts on improved China outlook

    In its latest Short Range Outlook (SRO), published today, Worldsteel revised its world apparent steel use (ASU) growth forecast for 2018 upward. The revision increased forecast steel demand growth between 2017 and 2018 from 1.8% in its April 2018 Short Range Outlook to 3.9% in the figures published today. In addition, it revised the demand […]

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  • September licenses predict 21% rise in US flat steel products imports

    Based on reported import licenses, US flat steel products imports are expected to rise 21% from 765,000 short tons in August to 927,000 tons in September. This is following a 41% increase in hot rolled licenses in September, due mainly to higher licenses from South Korea and Turkey. In addition, cold rolled import licenses rose […]

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